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Ununited States of Anarchy (USA) Flag
It's unfortunate to see that the once mighty United States of America, slowly rot from the inside out. How such a political powerhouse can be upturned and throw the rest of the world off balance with a person in charge of what is known as the free (Democratic) world, treat the position of power like it's a game show? America has never been so divided since the civil war.

Surely out of the total population of 325+ Million people that there could of been better candidates that just the two on offer?

I understand one offered the same but was a women, and the other offered a change that inspired more to get off their butts and vote for a Change.

The change happened, and it may not be for the better for both the country of America, or the world?

Either way, the US is almost in a permanent state of uncertainty, and so is the world!

So I created this depiction of the USA Flag as the Ununited States of America, keeping the acronym accurate, maybe someone might fly it or show it off while protesting? Please feel free to do so!
Futuristic German Cross
A new or future Insignia of the Bundeswehr or the German Armed Forces (Heer), of the Federal Republic of Germany.

I find it interesting that this was first seen on a application game called War Robots,

Also how much it looks like it's a version of Google Photos? Still, Just a quick little design made for all to enjoy and think of, interesting.…
Mediocre Medicare
I was surprised that with all the paper work required to get money back, it has reduced significantly over the last 40 years, not made for the people but made for increasing margins of corporations and privatisation of more health services so the government doesn't have to deal with it. Becoming more like the United States of America where being poor will get you killed eventually.

Yes, it looks like the medicare sign, but really it's the work mediocre…
Scatmandu Logo
I thought I heard my friend wrong when he said this a few years ago, but he assured me that what I heard was true, as he calls this travel adventure chain of stores... Scatmandu. After laughing my ass off for a minute or so, I had to ask why. He said it was the service and crappy sales that they had. He was a bit pissed off that he bought some camping gear the week or so prior and then when he returned from a very shit trip of camping, he saw the same gear on SALE for less than half price! So ever since then he has had a poor relationship with the stores. I'm sure he still buys from them, but only when they have sales now, I also think that his camping or adventures away has since ceased due to the huge amount of money he spent, and the crappy experience he had when did it last. I still chuckle on the inside about his miss adventures and crappy camping and fishing adventures he use to come back and tell me about. I'm so glad that I got a very bad taste of camping when I was a child that I have no interest in doing it ever again!

The font is Freeset bold, found by What the Font -

This is a parody, if it isn't clear already!


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